About the Pikes Peak Musicians Association

The Pikes Peak Musician’s Association exists because without insisting on fair pay and safe working conditions, we all suffer. Unions are responsible for many of the benefits we take for granted today, such as the eight hour work day, minimum wage, and disallowing child labor. Unscrupulous business owners and employers will take advantage of their employees when given the opportunity. As laborers, we must insist on specific acceptable work standards. At a minimum, this includes a fair wage and safe working conditions.

There truly is strength in numbers. With each other we are stronger than we are as individuals. Your voice matters and we invite you to join us in helping all professional musicians:

  • Attend our meetings.
  • Voice your opinion.
  • Become involved with the association by joining a committee.
  • Tell us what you think about any issues pertaining to the musician’s association via e-mail, phone, or regular mail..
  • Tell us what we can do to better help each other.

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Why You Should Join

  • Wage protection if an employer fails to pay you or defaults on a contract
  • Free access to promote your music with online calendar, referrals and teacher listings
  • Contact and networking opportunities with other professional musicians
  • Musical Instrument Insurance
  • Life Insurance Benefits
  • Union Privilege Legal Service
  • Union Member Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Union Privilege Loan Program
  • Union Driver and Traveler
  • Musicians’ Liability Insurance Plan

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